The SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon runs as one of the most extreme of its kind. Perhaps because of this intensity, the quest is fueled more from the hearts of the athletes than just their physical endurance. Crossing four cantons, three Alpine passes, and two lakes, 250 athletes from all over the world are determined to complete this 226 kilometer route with 5500 meters of climbing

The SWISSMAN starts at 5am with the 3.8km swim to Ascona.

The SWISSMAN 2018 finisher and their supporter celebrating during the finisher ceremony on Sunday morning.

SWISSMAN 2018 winner Flora Colledge will be back for SWISSMAN 2019.

At five in the morning on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019, the horn will blast to start the 7th annual SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon from Brissago Island, Lake Maggiore. The challenging route takes participants from the palm trees of Ticino, over three Alpine passes, through the Bernese Oberland, to finish amid the eternal ice of the Jungfrau Region.

Guaranteeing an unforgettable experience

Although spring temperatures are cooler than usual, the preparations for this long distance triathlon are heating up. This 7th annual SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon will once again offer unforgettable adventures for everyone involved, especially for the 250 athletes who secured a starting place. Along with the 100 Swiss participants, athletes from over 40 nations will attempt the 226 kilometer route with a relentless 5500 meters of climbing. They will cross the four cantons of Ticino, Uri, Valais and Berne, and thus experience Switzerland from its most diverse and beautiful regions.

250 athletes, 250 stories

The motivations for participation are as varied as the athletes themselves. Melanie thinks that Kleine Scheidegg is always worth an excursion; Cornelia thinks SWISSMAN is a matter close to her heart; Thomas finally wants to become part of the family; and Nino still feels the chills from the icy tops of the Jungfrau when he supported his wife, who finished in 2016. Each athlete brings their own story. Together with their supporters and the SWISSMAN crew, they make the SWISSMAN what it is – a long distance triathlon that inspires heart-felt conviction.

Special Welcome to Helveticman and Swissultra

A special highlight for the SWISSMAN crew this year is the participation of Peter Ackermann, founder of Helveticman, and Dani Meier, founder of Swissultra. Swissman, Helveticman and Swissultra are three distinct competitions, with different objectives, held at different locations throughout Switzerland. But all share a single motivation: the love of the extreme.

Previewing the starting line-up:

We are also proud to welcome the following elite athletes to the starting line: six-time SWISSMAN finisher, Julia Nikolopoulos from Germany, Flora Colledge from England (SWISSMAN Xtreme 2018: 1st), Matthias Nüesch from Switzerland (Gigathlon 2018:3rd, Inferno 2018: 5th), Nicolas Beyeler (Half Ironman Candia 2016: 1st, Tortour Challenge 2017: 1st, Half Ironman Canida 2018: 3rd, Ironman Nizza 2013: 5th) and Stefan Graf from Switzerland (Gigathlon 2018: 1st), Cristiano Tara from Italy (Austria Extreme 2016: 3rd, Icon Xtreme 2016: 3rd, Stone Brixia Man 2017: 2nd, Icon Xtreme 2017: 1st), and Lorentz Erland Linde from Norway (SWISSMAN Xtreme 2018: 4th).