The SWISSMAN is organized by a group of highly passionate volunteers, most of them triathletes themselves. They are fascinated by the special spirit of an Xtreme Triathlon and put their heart and highest efforts into the organization of this event.

Beat 'Tell' Stadelmann
Beat 'Tell' StadelmannPresident
Beat’s fascination with triathlon first sparked when he participated in the Trans-Swiss Triathlon. He cultivated his passion by participating, on multiple occasions, at the Gigathlon (, the Inferno Triathlon, as well as the Ironman Zurich ( His proudest achievement was the Norseman, which he successfully completed in 2009. As a supporter of Markus Stierli in 2011, he has now experienced the Norseman as both a participant as well as a supporting spectator. It was in his experience in Norway that the idea of the SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon was born. Beat is the founder of the SWISSMAN and responsible for the overall coordination.
Stefan 'Mr. T' Knecht
Stefan 'Mr. T' KnechtRace Director
Stefan is one of the triathletes whose passion was ignited at the Trans Swiss Triathlon and has grown with each participation at the Inferno Triathlon and Ironman. In the summer of 2011, he accompanied Beat as Markus’ Norseman supporter. The triathlon day he experienced with his best friends was unforgettable. Stefan is co-founder of the SWISSMAN and responsible for the organization.
Katrin Simioni
Katrin SimioniCommunication
Infected by her father’s passion, Katrin’s first triathlon experiences date far back. She is an avid mountain athlete – be it on the bike, on skis, or while climbing. Without her, the idea for the SWISSMAN would probably never have been born: it was her study-abroad in Oslo that inspired Beat to participate in the Norseman, where Katrin was a supporting spectator in 2009. Katrin is responsible for the organization of the SWISSMAN, as well as for SWISSMAN’s international contacts. She owns a Ph.D. of the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology in Zurich (ETH), where she studied Human Movement Sciences and earned a Certificate in teaching sports. She now lives and works in Davos.
Sampo Lenzi
Sampo LenziMarketing and Brand
Sampo is a triathlete, an avid outdoor sportsman and has a passion for telemark skiing. With roots in Finland, he is caught in the spell of the North. Sampo is a co-founder of the SWISSMAN, created its branding and corporate design, and is responsible for marketing. He has a degree in B.A. in Design Management and works as a brand manager for a global sports marketing agency.
Stephan Simioni
Stephan SimioniRace Director
Stephan is a passionate outdoor sportsman in summer and winter. After his civil engineer studies he turned his love for snow into his career and now works on his PhD degree as an avalanche researcher in Davos in the Swiss Alps. Stephan helped with the execution of the first three SWISSMAN races. After the 2015 Celtman, where he supported Katrin with others from the crew, he joined the organization. Stephan is the Race Director.
Martin Mattmüller
Martin MattmüllerRaum Grindelwald/Kleine Scheidegg
Martin was infected by the SWISSMAN vision of establishing an international networked Xtreme Triathlon with Swiss qualities and is now fascinated, that it is possible to create such a top event thanks to passion and team spirit. About his passion, running, he reports as a blogger. Professionally, as a former electrical engineer he is now working in career guidance and recruitment.
Dominik Stadelmann
Dominik StadelmannStreckenchef Laufen
”After an intensive and successful period in the national triathlon youth team, Dominik has decided to turn his back on the competitive sports and instead pass on his passion for this sport by engaging himself for youth of the local triathlon club. Dominik is responsible for the SWISSMAN running course. Currently he pursues the education as an undergraduate teacher in Zurich.
Erwin Waldvogel
Erwin WaldvogelStreckenchef Velo
ll in all Erwin spent 50 years in the duty of Triathlon as an active athlete, club president and organizer of several events. He is responsible for the 180 km bike course at the SWISSMAN. Professionally he is an agent at the criminal investigation department of the Canton Zurich.
Rachel Joelson
Rachel JoelsonÜbersetzungen
Thanks to Rachel most of our information is available in four languages. As our specialist for languages she’s supporting the development of our documents as well as most communication activities and is responsible for the translations. During the SWISSMAN she takes care of the well-being of the crew and prepares hundreds of sandwiches for everybody on the route. Herself you’ll meet in Alpiglen where she’ll cheer you on and give you the necessary power for the last bit.
Urs Meyer
Urs MeyerIT und Helferkoordination
For many years Urs was in various management positions in industry. Now retired, he is a passionate cyclist and also skiing a lot. In the SWISSMAN -Crew he helps coordinate the various helpers and marshals and is responsible for IT and accounting.
Sarah Umbricht
Sarah UmbrichtPresse
Luca Cathomen
Luca CathomenStreckenchef Schwimmen
Triathlon is his balance and his passion. He has completed the Inferno Triathlon on several occasions. He serves on the board of the finishers’ club winterthur and is commited to the training of their junior triathletes. Luca is responsible for the organization of the SWISSMAN, as well as for contacts in Ticino.
Toni Ramensperger
Toni RamenspergerLogistik
Toni is responsible for the logistics at the SWISSMAN. Professionally he is a construction manager and together with Beat holder of Stadelmann+Ramensperger Architects.
Markus Stierli
Markus StierliAthletenvertreter
Markus’ greatest athletic achievements include Norseman 2013 and SWISSMAN 2013 victories and several top 10 rankings on Inferno Triathlon and Gigathlon. Above all else, and crucial to the emergence of the SWISSMAN, was his second place at the Norseman 2011. With his accomplishment, he burst his limits and gained the momentum that it would take to create the SWISSMAN. Markus is a SWISSMAN co-founder and athletic representative. Professionally, he is an electrician.