When will my athlete be on the Gotthard pass? Will I be there on time? How is my athlete doing? These are important questions a supporter, who is challenged in another way than the athlete, asks himself as he should be prepared for everything.

Friends and family, on the course or at home, may be asking themselves, how fast their son is, if their friend already passed the Furka pass, when their colleague will be on Grimsel pass, to meet them on time or if they can follow their athlete on a mobile device or on a computer.

The race directors also need important information for us to guarantee a safe race. Questions they ask are for instance: Where is the first athlete? Will the last athletes be there before the cut-off? Will the lead avoid the thunderstorm? Did an athlete make a wrong turn? Where is race director 2?

We are proud to welcome Racetracker (www.racetracker.no, link checken) as experienced provider and our new tracking partner who will answer all those questions for you and us.

The new tracking system will not only allow athletes to be shown along the route, but you can also follow the athletes on the extreme vertical profile and check our latest Facebook news directly in the tracking. This you can do on your sofa at home with your laptop or on course with your mobile device.

We are looking forward to a lot of spectators – on the road or the computer! We will publish the link to our SWISSMAN 2017 live tracking shortly before the race here and on facebook.