With heavy hearts the SWISSMAN committee has taken the decision to switch to plan C, as the current COVID situation doesn‘t allow any planning security for the remaining 10 weeks until SWISSMAN 2021:

SWISSMAN 2021 – the virtual SWISSMAN challenge

The virtual SWISSMAN includes a 3.8 km swim or 10 km run, a 180 km bike including 3770 m elevation gain and a 42 km run including 1980 m elevation gain according to the original SWISSMAN course. During a period of 3 weeks from June 26 to July 18, you have the possibility to takle this Xtreme challenge.

Here are the basic rules:

  • all disciplines can be done indoors or outdoors
  • altimeters can be replaced by additional distance (details will follow)
  • you record and upload your SWISSMAN onto your sports tracking platform (e.g. strava) (details will follow)

Option SWISSMAN pure:

  • all in one day. Exception: For security reasons, the 3.8 km swim can be done on the day before the 180 km bike and 42 km run. Alternatively, the swim can be replaced by a 10 km run in the early morning.
  • everybody who is crazy enough to master the entire Xtreme challenge as described above will receive a more than well-deserved original red SWISSMAN finisher shirt.

Option SWISSMAN segments:

  • completion of the 3 segments on 3 different days during the period of 3 weeks.
  • completion of all segments will be rewarded with a specially designed white SWISSMAN finisher shirt.