Registration for the SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon 2020 is just around the corner with the first cold winter days. From the 30th of October until the 14th of November, adventurous athletes from all over the world can register here on the official SWISSMAN homepage and, with a little luck, win one of the 250 coveted starting places.

Anyone who is familiar with it knows that the SWISSMAN is not a race, it is an adventure. Four cantons, three Alpine passes, two lakes, one destination, 226 kilometres and 5700 metres of altitude difference. This is the SWISSMAN’s challenging route. The eighth edition of the long distance triathlon with cult status will take place on Saturday, 20 June 2020. Whoever is able to secure one of the limited starting places will be decided by lot.S

A question of luck and stamina

This year, the registration window will remain open from the 30th October to the 14th of November. Besides the obvious amount of luck, a certain amount of stamina can be quite helpful in order to get a starting place. Athletes who have already registered unsuccessfully in the previous year will be given special consideration when re-registering. Their name will be listed twice in the pot. If the draw does not work out this year either, he will be three times in the following year. Thus the chances of a starting place increase with each further registration.


Once they are part of the SWISSMAN family, many athletes don’t just take part once. Many return as athletes, supporters or even as crew members. Thus the crew and with it the cohesion of the SWISSMAN family grows year after year.

In the starting field: local before global

In view of the steadily growing international interest, the local roots of SWISSMAN have been promoted since the first few days. For this reason, half of the starting places are reserved for Swiss athletes, the rest will be raffled among the other nations. The 250 athletes drawn will be notified at the end of November and the final starting list will be published in January 2020.