Our Vision & Mission


The SWISSMAN wants to bring a unique and exclusive triathlon experience with unforgettable memories for everyone who is part of it.


The SWISSMAN is a point to point race starting in the southern part of Switzerland, leading over three mountain passes to the central part of Switzerland and finishing with a final climb in the heart of Switzerland just at the bottom of the massive mountain backdrop of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and the challenge of the course absolutely extreme.

At the SWISSMAN time is of minor interest. It’s about the adventure, the unforgettable Triathlon experience athletes share with their supporter and about managing the challenge SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon. The personal effort and the experience within the breathtaking surrounding are the only things that matter. Neither any loudspeaker, nor huge sales fair will distract the participants from their SWISSMAN experience.

The supporters are an essential part of the SWISSMAN. Only minimal support is provided by the organizer during the bike and running course. It is the duty of the supporter to provide his athlete with everything he needs during the race. This makes the SWISSMAN as challenging for the supporter as it is for the athlete. On the final climb to Kleine Scheidegg the supporter accompanies his athlete mandatorily and they cross the finish line together. They both share the experience of this event and their unforgettable memories of that day.

An essential part of the SWISSMAN spirit is the very familiar atmosphere among athletes, supporters, partners and the SWISSMAN crew. Together and not everyone strictly focused on himself they take this adventure, they help each other out if needed and together they celebrate their arrival at Kleine Scheidegg.

The number of slots is strictly limited and it is a privilege to be a SWISSMAN finisher.

The SWISSMAN is organized by a group of highly passionate volunteers, most of them triathletes themselves. They are fascinated by the special spirit of an Xtreme Triathlon and put their heart and highest efforts into the organization of this event.