Dear Athletes

In two weeks, the 5th SWISSMAN is already going to be history. Now it’s time to get a little rest. Professional triathlete Gabriel Hopf tells us how his last two weeks look like.

1) The SWISSMAN is in 2 weeks, how does this affect your training?

Slowly but surely the focus shifts in the direction of recovery. I will reduce the amount of training and, for example, make sure to sleep enough. I also make sure to have balanced diet, but I do not follow a specific nutritional plan.

However, I have no great secrets in the preparation. For a few months now, I have been paying more attention to my physical condition and I have never been sick or injured. My training data are also publicly available on Strava:

2) Are there any special trainings you will absolve?

On Friday I did the passes Susten-Furka-Grimsel. This is approximately the amount of climbing of the Swissman bike course. Next to endurance pace, I did competition pace, so more quickly.

Next Tuesday, I will also visit the last part of the track from Grindelwald to the Kleine Scheidegg in a comfortable endurance pace. In the past ten days I have already been running the sections Brienz-Bönigen & Wilderswil-Grindelwald.

3) Which discipline is most important to train now?

Difficult to say. There is no more time to correct a lot in cycling and running, so in my opinion, there is no point in completing long and hard units. I will certainly do some swim training, for example in the lake and, if possible, even once in the morning, so that I can simulate the SWISSMAN swim start.

4) Are there other special preparations you do?

I will prepare the support of my team as best as possible. This means putting together clothes, food, etc. In addition, my team needs to know my needs and it is a big advantage if I can count on the support of my girlfriend, family and colleagues! Here, too, the weather plays a decisive role and it is a big difference whether it rains on the passes, will be five or 15 degrees warm.

5) How does your “night before” look like?

I will surely go to sleep earlier. However, the preceding days and nights are important for my sleep. In the night before a competition, the tension is usually higher and therefore the sleep quality suffers. I will have breakfast around three to three and a half hours before the start of the swim and after, I will lie down again for a short time to relax – it will be a long day.