The new website of the allXtri family consisting of the trilogy isklar NORSEMAN – CELTMAN! – SWISSMAN is now online!
Three years ago, the SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon was created by the fascination of their experiences at the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon that our team brought back to Switzerland. With the first edition of the SWISSMAN our dream of organizing a triathlon representing Switzerland as well as the Norseman represents Norway and the CELTMAN! Scotland, came true.

Since the first hour of the SWISSMAN, a friendly cooperation between these three events, which operate on the same concept and support each other, exists. Following the original idea of the Norseman, the three extreme triathlons have the same concept with the goal of being a unique triathlon with a familiar atmosphere which offers each athlete and supporter a once in a lifetime adventure in a breathtaking surrounding. It is important that each of the three triathlons represents its country and therewith promises the participants a difficult but uniquely beautiful journey.

To represent our shared identity to the public, we now have our new joint website with key information about the three extreme triathlons and the Gallery of allXtri, in which the athletes who have mastered all three triathlons successfully, report their experiences.