The SWISSMAN is a point to point triathlon adventure starting in the southern part of Switzerland, leading over three mountain passes to the central part of Switzerland and finishing with a final climb in the heart of Switzerland just at the bottom of the massive mountain backdrop of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and the challenge of the course absolutely extreme with 5750m of elevation gain.

Athlete & Supporter

Only minimal support is provided by the organizer during the bike and running course. It is the duty of the supporter to provide his athlete with everything he needs during the race. This makes the SWISSMAN as challenging for the supporter as it is for the athlete. On the final climb to Kleine Scheidegg the supporter accompanies his athlete mandatorily and they cross the finish line together. They both share the experience of this event and their unforgettable memories of that day.

Familiar Atmosphere

An essential part of the SWISSMAN spirit is the very familiar atmosphere among athletes, supporters, partners and the SWISSMAN crew. Together and not everyone strictly focused on himself they take this adventure, they help each other out if needed and together they celebrate their arrival at Kleine Scheidegg.

Race Course

Main-Sponsor & Sponsors

“SWISSMAN is a supremely challenging race in the most beautiful setting possible.
A course like that is my dream come true! I’m so glad to be able to take part, and really looking forward to it.”

Emma Pooley, Winner of SWISSMAN 2013, World Champion 2010 and Olympic Silver Medalist, Beijing 2008 in Time Trial, Your Content Goes Here

“A marathon you do with your muscles. An Ironman you do with your head. The SWISSMAN you can only achieve with your heart.”

Marcus Raatz, SWISSMAN Finisher

“The atmosphere was perfect. The course was fantastic. I still feel a great emotion every time I remember this great experience. Thank you!”

Massimo Gramola, 4x SWISSMAN Finisher

“Thank you to SWISSMAN for giving me the Best Race of my life !!
Everything was Beautiful & Painful … from the views & Uphills to the toughest running terrains &
all the supporters who were cheering us all the way & the hugs at the Finishing line from the SWISSMAN crew !!
Respect Yammas Relax.”

Billy Vosnakis, Greece, SWISSMAN Finisher 2013 & 2014, Your Content Goes Here